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The Field Medical Foundation in Aden has successfully implemented a project called “Building the Capacity of Fishermen” that aimed to train 30 local fishermen on how to use a fish detector device. The project was supported by the World Food Program, and it has significant benefits for the fishermen. Not only does it save time and fuel costs, but it also reduces the physical effort and allows fishermen to locate fish in the sea.
This training is especially important considering the challenges that fishermen face on a daily basis. The device will assist them in overcoming the high temperature and wind, high fuel prices, and the extended amount of time needed to locate the fish gathering places. Fishermen have emphasized that this training presents the ideal opportunity to develop their skills and understanding of the appropriate fishing methods, which aim to preserve the ecosystem.
The project’s ultimate aim is the enhancement of income levels for fishermen in coastal communities and seaside cities. Overall, “Building the Capacity of Fishermen” has been highly successful in implementing a practical solution for improving fishermen’s lives.
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Khabar Khair Administration

Khabar Khair Administration

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