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The operations team of the British organization “HALO Trust” for demining for humanitarian purposes discussed with the Director General of Qa’atabah District, Sheikh Mohammad bin Mohammad Al-Zaidi, the mechanism for implementing a special project for demining in the District. The organization’s team were briefed on the suffering of the District from the remnants of the conflict, including mines, projectiles and explosives planted in populated villages which harm civilians and their property.

Al-Zaidi appreciated the efforts of the team and their keen interest and concern for the people and their protection from mines. He asked the organization’s operations team to intervene quickly to remove these remnants. He also stressed that the local authority in Qa’atabah District will facilitate the work of the team and overcome all difficulties for the success of the mission.

In addition, the organization’s team provided a full explanation of their interventions in the field of mine and projectiles clearance. Highly qualified teams and technical experts conducted field surveys to assess the affected areas.

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Khabar Khair Administration

Khabar Khair Administration

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  September 18, 2023

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