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Under the auspices of Sweden and Switzerland, a donor conference was held last Monday, 27/2/2023, in Geneva in order to raise $4.300,000,000 to support the humanitarian response plan in 2023 in Yemen, where about 21 million Yemenis are in need of urgent aid due to the ongoing conflict for nine years.

At the conference, about $1,200,000,000 was raised. The US made pledges of $444,000,000, the EU €207,000,000, the UAE $235,000,000, and Germany €120,000,000. In addition, the UK made pledges of £88,000,000, Canada 46,000,000 Canadian dollars, Sweden $25,000,000, and Japan $19,000,000. Switzerland also made pledges of $17.800,000, Denmark $17,000,000, Bulgaria €15,000,000, Iceland €30,000,000, Kuwait $5,000,000, Belgium €5,000,000, and Finland $3.900,000. Moreover, Norway made pledges of 250,000,000 crowns, the Czech Republic $1,000,000, the Philippines $100,000, Brazil $75,000,000, and Slovenia €200,000.

Last year, international organizations announced the decline of their humanitarian programs in Yemen due to lack of funding. Yemen received only $2.200,000,000 in donor support out of $4.270,000,000. International organizations have warned of a decline in support for the humanitarian operation in Yemen, which may afflict millions of Yemenis, and weaken the efforts to end the conflict in the country.

WFP stated earlier that the number of people living in a famine-like situation decreased in 2022 from 161,000 to zero. The program had warned that the lack of continuity of support would lead to the loss of this remarkable improvement in supporting the humanitarian operation in Yemen. The UN said it needs $51.500,000,000 for aid this year.

UN reports have warned that the continuation of the conflict in Yemen, which is experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, may lead to an expansion of poverty. Therefore, donors need to intensify their humanitarian efforts due to the deterioration of the living situation in Yemen as a result of the conflict.

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Khabar Khair Administration

Khabar Khair Administration

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