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HUMAN ACCESS in Shabwa and Marib governorates implemented various activities within the “Safe Space for Women and Girls” protection and livelihood support project, funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief), to introduce women to their role in society, improve their intellectual and cultural level, and ensure respect for their rights.

In Shabwa, the safe space in Ataq city carried out community awareness through a mobile team during a field visit to one of the areas, in the presence of 28 women.

The awareness-raising addressed sound family education and the importance of caring for children and raising them correctly. It also introduced the safe space services to bring about a tangible shift in women’s participation in society.

In Marib, the safe space in Al-Matar area organized 3 awareness sessions, the first on women’s rights and duties, and the second entitled “Thieves of Life,” including emptiness and negative thinking.

However, the third session focused on the risks associated with child labor, a violation of human rights, and the necessity of protecting children, especially in times of crisis, to preserve their lives and futures.

The space also organized group psychological support entitled “Psychological satisfaction and its benefits for psychological peace,” in the presence of 28 beneficiaries.

The safe space also continues to train 15 women in making incense and perfumes and implements practical applications for 17 women trainees in the field of sewing to help them start their own businesses and earn income.

The safe space in Wadi Marib continues to conduct fieldwork accompanied by community and legal awareness and psychological support through its peer network and team.

The awareness sessions focused on building a family, improving education and family communication, empowering girls through education, and applying for an identity card.

Psychological support also addressed the issue of women’s psychological resilience.

In Al-Jufaina area, the safe space carried out, during a field visit, community awareness sessions on good health habits and introduced the space’s services.

As part of the psychological support sessions, 51 women were advised on how to express their feelings and use positive parenting methods when raising children, along with consultations on how to strengthen positive relationships and how to deal with children.

Furthermore, the space organized an awareness session targeting 8 children in the child space to enhance their self-confidence and develop their talents.


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Khabar Khair Administration

Khabar Khair Administration

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