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A delegation from the Dutch Embassy visited the site of a water tank construction project with a capacity of 18,000 m3, funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the German government, and implemented by the Social Fund for Development at Al-Barzakh Station in Khormaksar district of Aden governorate.
The Dutch Embassy delegation familiarized themselves with the nature of the project and its significance, as it serves half of the population of Aden. The Local Water and Sanitation Corporation in Aden Governorate (LWSCA), Engineer Mohammed Bakhabirah, emphasized the importance of the water tank construction project at the Al-Barzakh Station, considering its role in storing and distributing water through a modern system and secure facilities that supply the directorates of the capital, Aden, with water.
He explained that the project is part of the LWSCA’s plans in Aden to enhance the water system, which also includes the maintenance of Bab Aden tank in Jabal Hadid and the replacement of the pipelines for At-Tawahi and Al- Mualla districts.
Bakhabirah referred to the progress of work at Al-Barzakh Station and the overall situation of the LWSCA, the challenges it faces, and the necessary requirements to overcome these challenges and improve the level of work and the services provided to citizens.
It is worth mentioning that the operations at the station involve receiving water at Al-Barzakh Station, storing it, and pumping it to the supplying tanks for the Khormaksar, Seera, Al- Mualla, and At-Tawahi districts. Additionally, water coming from the fields and exiting Al-Barzakh tanks to the districts undergoes testing.  
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Khabar Khair Administration

Khabar Khair Administration

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