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Humanitarian Access Foundation, funded by Doctors around the World, implemented the Multiple, Integrated and Sustainable Nutrition, Quality and Maternal and Child Health Services project for disadvantaged and conflict-affected communities in Yemen to provide emergency life nutrition interventions for the most vulnerable groups (children under five, pregnant and lactating women) in Taiz Governorate.

The project targeted 3 centers in the districts of Mudhaffar and Al-Qahira in Taiz, between February and August 2021, and was funded by the Turkish “Doctors Around the World”.

total number of recipients of this project interventions reached 109,502 beneficiaries, as 3 health static facilities were supported, in the targeted districts, and the project included several areas:

  Nutrition: which included periodic examination of children under five and pregnant women to detect cases of malnutrition, provision of therapeutic and supplementary feeding services for children under five and pregnant women, in addition to providing counseling sessions on infant and young child feeding, benefiting 10,176 children and women.

Maternal and child health, antenatal care services, family planning, and the use of modern contraceptive methods were provided, in addition to implementing health education activities, field visits and health awareness, benefiting 56,402 people.

Minimum health services, and it includes a set of programs, including providing medical consultations for women, obstetric services, emergency services, and immunization programs for children, benefiting about 42,924 people.

These interventions contributed to mortality decline resulting from malnutrition, improving the nutritional and health status, and raising the awareness of reproductive health issues in the targeted areas.

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Khabar Khair Administration

Khabar Khair Administration

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