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Today, mini chlorine units arrived at the pumping site of the Local Water and Sanitation Corporation in the valley and desert areas of Hadhramout Governorate, with support from UNICEF.The Deputy Director General of the Corporation for Technical Affairs, Eng. Taha Omar Al-Saqqaf, explained that these units will be distributed to the Corporation’s branches in Seiyun, Tarim, Al-Qatn, Shibam and Sah region, as they will be used to sterilize water tanks and networks throughout the governorate.Al-Saqqaf stressed the importance of this support from UNICEF in improving the quality of drinking water provided to citizens, and enhancing the Corporation’s efforts to prevent waterborne diseases. He appreciated the efforts of the Corporation’s workers and employees in various branches to continue providing water services to citizens, despite the challenges and difficulties they face.This contribution from UNICEF comes within the framework of its ongoing support for Yemen’s efforts to improve the water and sanitation sector, and enhance the health and safety of citizens.

Source: Aden Al-Ghad

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Khabar Khair Administration

Khabar Khair Administration

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