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Funded by The United States Agency for International Development, “Together We Rise for Women and Child Care” Foundation, in partnership with “Ark Group – Yemen Office”, implemented a training program on gender, inclusion, and conflict sensitivity for members of the Local Advisory Council in the Habil Al-Barq community in Abyan Governorate.

This came within the framework of the project to support the resilience of the Yemeni community in Khanfar Directorate in Habil Al-Barq community.

The training program focused on several key aspects, including: raising awareness of the concept of gender, the difference between gender and sex, what are the roles of gender and what is inclusion in the context of humanitarian work. In addition, the program focused on the importance of implementing safe programs effectively; to provide a safe and protected environment for vulnerable groups.

Bushra Al-Sa’adi, the project manager at “Together We Ascend” Foundation, stressed the importance of this project due to its contribution to raising awareness and knowledge about gender and more inclusive humanitarian responses, and providing the necessary support to the local community, which enhances its ability to address the challenges and risks it faces.

It is worth noting that this training comes in light of the major social and psychological challenges facing the community in conflict-affected areas in Yemen.

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Khabar Khair Team

Khabar Khair Team

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