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Under the slogan “Towards the recovery of the technical and vocational education and training system in Yemen”, the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research, Technical Education and Vocational Training concluded on Wednesday in Aden city the work of the consultative meeting that brought together the leadership of the ministry and the general directors of the offices in various Yemeni governorates.

Funded by Benevolence Coalition for Humanitarian Relief (BCHR), the two-day consultative meeting aimed at discussing the ministry’s future developmental vision in several Yemeni governorates. The meeting addressed key challenges faced by the educational and training system, evaluated training staff and infrastructure, and explored opportunities for collaboration between the ministry, private sector, and supporting organizations.

Meeting’s Outcomes

The Deputy Minister for Technical Education and Vocational Training, Abd-Rabbo Al-Mahwali, praised the importance of the meeting outcomes, which focused on addressing critical challenges and issues faced by the educational and training system across all Yemeni governorates. The meeting aimed to enhance collaboration between ministry sectors and offices, aligning with modern standards in various fields and specialties.

In addition, Aymen Al-Shahiri, the Director of the Technical Education Office in Lahij Governorate   emphasized for Khabar Khair website the importance of the consultative meeting. He considered it a significant step toward recovery and development of the technical and vocational education system in Yemen. The meeting aims to achieve sustainable development in the country.

Additionally, Idris Thabit, the Director of the Public Relations and Media at the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training, explained that this meeting aims to enhance collaborative efforts between the ministry sectors, departments, and relevant supporting entities. The goal is to empower students with the skills necessary to improve their employment prospects across various modern technical and technological fields.

Many participants in the meeting, which was attended by Anas Bouhelal, the Regional Expert for Higher and Technical Education at the UNESCO Office for the Gulf States and Yemen in Doha, and Dr. Hafiza Al-Sheikh, the Secretary-General of the Yemeni National Commission for Education, Culture, and Science, emphasized the importance of implementing the recommendations issued during the meeting. They highlighted the need to provide necessary support to the technical and vocational education sector and its fields, as well as the importance of collaboration among all relevant parties. These are all essential factors to ensure a better future for technical education and vocational training in Yemen.


The meeting included several recommendations, the most important of which are:

  • The necessity of political leadership’s attention to the development of the technical and vocational education sector and its inclusion in the list of state priorities and government programs, as a fundamental pillar for development and stability.
  • Adopting a comprehensive national strategy that includes the development of the infrastructure and environment of technical education.
  • Directing the enhancement of operational budgets for the ministry and its offices.
  • Completing the implementation procedures for equipping and furnishing 12 institutes with support from the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD).
  • Strengthening direct coordination between local and international organizations with the ministry to achieve sustainable development goals.
  • Updating and developing programs and curricula to keep up with technological advancements and labor market requirements.
  • Activating and enhancing partnerships with the private sector to achieve mutual interests.
  • Establishing a dedicated center for the development of technical and vocational research and studies, and formulating policies for technical education that keep pace with modern technological changes at the local and international levels.

Expected Impacts

The consultative meeting is expected to have positive impacts on Yemen’s technical education and vocational training system by improving the quality of education and training in various fields and technical specialties that align with modern standards. It aims to develop graduates’ skills in accordance with the needs of the labor market and contribute to achieving sustainable development in the country.

Future Challenges

The technical education and vocational training sector in Yemen faces numerous challenges, including lack of funding, infrastructure deterioration, shortage of qualified personnel, and the ongoing armed conflict in most Yemeni provinces. Addressing these challenges requires collaborative efforts from all relevant stakeholders, supporting and local civil society organizations working in Yemen. It is crucial to ensure the recovery of the technical education and vocational training system in Yemen by providing financial and logistical support to enhance and improve the educational and training process in line with global standards.

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Khabar Khair Administration

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