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“Opportunity Portal” has announced on its website various undergraduate, master’s and doctoral scholarships, as well as merit scholarships and need-based scholarships for developing countries. They cover various sciences and fields, including health, economics, business administration and languages.

The scholarships are classified based on the hosting country, the student’s nationality, the subject, the academic degree, the research proposal and other relevant criteria. These scholarships are of two types: fully funded and partially funded. The platform also offers various training programs, the most important of which are exchange programs, paid international training, external jobs, in addition to the summer school.

The platform helps students from international and developing countries to find available scholarship opportunities and other related courses of study online. It also provides the necessary skills to students all over the world.

Moreover, the platform provides lists to search for the required scholarships easily according to the subject, the academic level or the country.

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Khabar Khair Administration

Khabar Khair Administration

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  September 20, 2023

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