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Khabar Khair (Only Good News)

Funded by the Kuwait Society for Relief, Altwasul For Human Development has inaugurated the Al-Nouri Mother and Child Hospital project and the Medical Oxygen Factory project in Ma’rib Governorate.

These projects have been undertaken with the goal of enhancing the healthcare sector’s capabilities not only in Ma’rib Governorate but also in the neighboring governorates.

Raid Ibrahim, the President of Altwasul For Human Development, has highlighted the pioneering nature of these projects, as they are the first of their kind in Ma’rib Governorate. He emphasized their significance as a crucial resource for hospitals in Ma’rib City and the surrounding governorates.

The Al-Nouri Mother and Child Hospital stands out as the first specialized facility for maternity and childhood in the governorate. Meanwhile, the Medical Oxygen Factory is expected to have a production capacity of 300 cylinders.

It is worth noting that the Al-Nouri Mother and Child Hospital has been constructed and equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment. The hospital boasts a capacity of 20 medical beds and spans three floors, along with a basement and an annex. The first floor houses the emergency department, specialized clinics, a laboratory, and a pharmacy. The second floor encompasses the inpatient department and hospital administration rooms. The third floor is home to the operating theater, intensive care unit, breastfeeding room, pediatric ward, and maternity ward. The annex includes doctors’ restrooms, sterilization rooms, and a laundry room. Additionally, the basement accommodates the radiology department, hospital storage, and a meeting hall.

Regarding the Medical Oxygen Factory project, it encompasses the production, installation, preparation, operation, and maintenance of medical oxygen.

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Khabar Khair Administration

Khabar Khair Administration

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