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Yemen, feature civilizational and cultural diversity , this cultural diversity is reflected in Yemeni dishes that differ from one governorate to another. Aden is famous for Indian and Abyssinian dishes. Those  dishes reflect the historical impact and the beauty of the cultural diversity that Aden witnessed historically, speaking of the Ethiopian food in Aden, Hayat Yassin’s kitchen in particular offers its visitors the most delicious Ethiopian food, that the restaurant is famous for, mixed with the customs and traditions of Ethiopia, especially those related to special occasions and holidays. About this kitchen, Hayat Yassin tells Khabar Khair (Only Good News): ” I inherited from my mother my passion for cooking since I was a little child, as my mother owned a restaurant in Ethiopia, and I participated in an eating competition, in which I got first place.”

   For six months, Hayat continues working from her small kitchen, and receives her client’s’ orders, through her personal accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

   Regarding the special dishes she prepare, she said: “In the beginning, I started making Ethiopian food, including: Doro wat , injera, Tibs, and Kubeesh, in addition to Shero. And to add something new, I added Adeni and Indian dishes to my list, with dishes like : Zurbian, Sayadiyah, in addition to  seafood.” .

    Regarding the difficulties she is facing, Hayat said: “I lack support to be able to expand my kitchen, so I am trying to overcome any obstacle comes my way, so that I can achieve my dream and carry on my mother’s business here in Yemen, and I am still looking for funding opportunities and I’ll never lose hope.”

   Hayat continues: “My husband and I work in my small kitchen, where my husband delivers meals to clients, and I work hard to provide an assistant staff to expand the work, but we cannot pay them monthly salary currently , so my husband and I have to do all the work on our own, and we currently have nothing but One car to deliver orders, which forces us to accept only a few numbers of orders.”

  Regarding the different types  of Yemeni dishes, Hayat says: “Yemeni food differ from Ethiopian food. However, you can still find a similarity between Yemeni food and Ethiopian food in some dishes, and I think Ethiopian food is very popular in Yemen.”

  Regarding the difference between living  in Ethiopia and living in Yemen, Hayat said: “There is no difference between living in Yemen and living in Ethiopians, the only difference is that Adeni people love Abyssinian food.”

   Hayat talks about Ethiopia and its cultural heritage: “Ethiopia is a country in which people care about the smallest details and respect their customs and family obligations, and one of the most important days for them is Christmas and New Year.” Hayat continues, saying: “What makes Ethiopia special is the yellow roses that only find  in Ethiopia and America, and these roses are a national symbol, although there are changes in the traditional costume due to the openness on Western culture , you will not find a house without yellow roses, either in clothes or hairbands, and in everything.

   Regarding the language she speaks, Hayat says: “I used to speak with my mother in Ethiopian language, we speak more than one languages including: Oromo, Amharic, Somail, Tigrinya, Sedamawe, Lulaytaa and Guraghi, and others, but we speak in foreign languages more when we’re  in school ​​.” .

  Sluggish economic conditions in Yemen are negatively reflected on many small businesses, including Hayat’s own business, but Hayat believes and hopes that one day she’ll be the owner of a chain of restaurants that serves a variety of Ethiopian food alongside Yemeni food, and mixes all cultures in dishes that reflects their diversity and tastes.

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Khabar Khair Administration

Khabar Khair Administration

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