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Khabar Khair (Only Good News) – Dr. Nuha Nasser

   The World Humanitarian Day in Yemen was different this year, as it was considered the most prominent and active, and Yemenis celebrated it as individuals, institutions and activists.

     Hundreds of humanitarian organizations and institutions in Yemen, with the support of thousands of Yemenis, are working to help people through community-based initiatives. These organizations implement humanitarian assistance programmes in all regions of Yemen, while humanitarian work is mainly focused on places of conflict and displacement where the affected people have sought refuge.

      Under the circumstances that Yemen is living , that  resulted in a high percentage of conflict-affected Yemenis who urgently need food and medicine, humanitarian action was present, especially as the country – and according to the UN envoy to Yemen Hans Grundberg – is facing the largest internal displacement situation among countries that are in conflict.

   Regarding the importance of humanitarian aid, the UN envoy added in a speech at the session held at the United Nations at the end of August that “there are 235 million people worldwide in need of humanitarian aid and protection in 2021.”

    He said: “The rate of people in need of humanitarian assistance reached one person out of every 33 people around the world, which is a significant increase from the rate of one to every 45 people when the global humanitarian overview for 2020 was launched.”

    On the role of civil society institutions in humanitarian work, Faris Al-Ali (head of the Future Organization) said: “The role of civil society institutions – especially development and humanitarian – effective associations, institutions, organizations and community formations is to strengthen community capacity.and awareness in developing and exploiting its resources in various institutional frameworks and forms that enable it to organize and build itself by itself , and to be willing to  face crises and disasters.

     Al-Ali added: “Civil society institutions are also working on a rapid response to humanitarian and relief work mechanisms, increasing williningness and achieving the best institutional performance, in addition to interacting with humanitarian response in Yemen, early recovery and reconstruction plans.”

     On her part, the head of the Ataya Developmental Foundation, Eng. Tashid Assem, said: “The humanitarian work in Yemen is the savior for many needy families who are unable to face the circumstances and bear the burdens of life.”

     Tashid added to ” Khabar Khair (Only Good News)” website: “The pioneers of humanitarian work, volunteers and financiers of humanitarian programs in Yemen are making efforts that have helped to consolidate society and save it from falling into the famine that threatens millions.”

 Humanitarian action looking for partnership

    Faris Al-Ali says: “Local and national civil society organizations in Yemen suffer from the problem of the lack of an effective partnership between donors and international organizations and Yemeni civil society organizations, which would enable them to build their capacity to play a leadership role, to play their role in humanitarian and development work and to interact well with the humanitarian response efforts currently. and qualify it later after the end of the conflict in Yemen.

     For her part, the head of the Ataya Developmental Foundation said: “The most difficult thing we face in our work is the little support in the face of much need and high prices. We need a real partnership between the pioneers of humanitarian work and the competent authorities, or opening bridges of trust between us and the merchants, to give us open possibilities in helping most of the people in need , whose conditions changed overnight, some of whom no longer receive their salary, and others whose relatives died as a result of an epidemic or a serious illness.

      On the occasion of World Humanitarian Day, Tamdeen Youth Foundation, in partnership with the Civil Coalition for Development and Humanitarian Response, and NEAR International Network, organized an extensive meeting with local civil society organizations, on institutionalizing humanitarian work, improving the humanitarian response mechanism and strengthening peace efforts. An initiative to resettle humanitarian work in Yemen.

    According to what Tamdeen Foundation published on its page, “The initiative was launched from the urgent local need and the relevant international conventions, such as the “Grand Bargain” and the “Pact for Change.”

    Tamdeen published that (66) local organizations discussed the reality of the settlement of humanitarian action in Yemen, the obstacles facing the institutionalization of humanitarian work, and the role of civil society organizations in strengthening humanitarian response efforts.

     Community humanitarian initiatives and actions are operating in urban and rural areas of Yemen  , with great societal efforts and solidarity.

    These activities in Yemen have achieved a remarkable success, that had focused on implementing humanitarian programs and works, such as road projects, water projects, relief, health, and education programs.

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Khabar Khair Administration

Khabar Khair Administration

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